About Us

R-Sun Products are very well established. people appreciate us & our design. We also making paver & concrete hollow blocks products

The company aesthetically attaches its role to create a perception of peace and tranquility in every man’s imagination for building a good home in both.


R-Sun Products' prolific strength lies in its outstanding structural concrete products. The company pride itself on its quality products, focusing on a standard cost and maximizing the quality. The company has a modern production line that complies with high standards of technology that excellence helping them to retain their quality both home and abroad. The latest technology and automatic quality control systems are used to continually improve processes and procedures, making it possible to offer the quality, the customers expect. The company deserves to receive many awards for its contribution to national promotion as well as from public /private work.


The objectives of the company are to constantly upgrade and modernize its establishment in pace with the current trends. As such it has also introduced the creative concepts in its products to make them acceptable and adaptive to clients and the environment respectively.


By the grace of the Almighty, the market pioneers, still from in the year 2015 have the same unique place leading in the Bangladesh market.